Thought Leader Select Begins Skin Cancer KOL Assessment for Top Five Global Pharmaceutical Company

February 16, 2012 · Leave a comment

Thought Leader Select, a Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based research and consulting firm for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries, announces the commencement of a key opinion leader assessment for a top five global pharmaceutical company.

For the assessment, Thought Leader Select will use its proprietary identification methodology to pinpoint 40 Canadian key opinion leaders in oncology, with sub-specialty in the area of skin cancer. The company will study the skills and experience of Canadian oncologists in several areas of thought leadership in the medical field, including areas of expertise, leadership in basic and clinical research, and research publishing in leading scientific journals.

The client company will utilize Thought Leader Select’s research to engage key opinion leaders in oncology on a number of fronts, including advisory boards, consulting, and medical science liaison outreach.

“We are excited about this opportunity to support a great company as they prepare to enter the Canadian market with a new medicine that will improve the lives of patients suffering from skin cancer,” stated Neil Mellor, Thought Leader Select’s global business development consultant.  “Our position in the advancement of this new treatment is critical, since our work ensures that the company will be reaching out to the right physicians during the company’s earliest phase of assisting in the treatment of patients in this disease area.”

About Neil Mellor

Neil Mellor is a global business development consultant at Thought Leader Select. Exemplifying Thought Leader Select’s commitment to subject matter expertise, Neil brings over two decades of experience in leading sales, marketing, and public relations for global biopharmaceutical companies such as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer.  Throughout his career, Neil has spearheaded key opinion leader outreach programs in North America and Europe, in addition to his consulting work with companies entering markets across the globe.

About Thought Leader Select

Thought Leader Select serves the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as the medical community at large by assessing medical experts (known as “thought leaders” and “key opinion leaders”) within a host of therapeutic areas such as diabetes, oncology, and neurology.

Over two dozen of the top 50 global biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies count on our expertise when seeking to launch new medications for better public health, ensuring that they are collaborating with the right medical professionals for the right reasons—their skills and experiences.


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