Webinar Wins Praise from Global Audience

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With a total of 340 participants attending live from 53 countries around the world, the recent webinar hosted by Paul Meade on March 4 was a commended by attendees for providing valuable insight. Entitled “Maximizing MSL Performance and KOL Engagement,” the presentation was joint endeavor between Thought Leader Select and partner organization, the Medical Science Liaison Society.

Echoing sentiments similar to that of fellow attendees, Dr. Luisa Luciani – a Medical Science Liaison for Genzyme-Australia – commented following the webinar:

“With the MSL role evolving at a blistering pace—and with so many of us spread out across the globe—the MSL Society’s webinars are a great resource for staying abreast of key trends, sharing new ideas and reinforcing a sense of community amongst the profession.  In addition, by bringing hard data to such important topics as ‘Optimising KOL Interactions and Boosting MSL and Manager Performance,’ the Society and its partners are really helping to separate fact from fiction, and provide practical insights that can’t be found anywhere else.”

March 2015 Newsletter: Respected News Outlets Seek Industry Insight from Firm’s Leaders

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march newsletter

Thought Leader Select Renews Sustaining Sponsorship of the Medical Science Liaison Society

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Tonight: Meade to Host Webinar on Maximizing MSL Performance/KOL Engagement

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msl webinarGiven declining access to KOLs and the increasingly important role MSLs play in the success of companies, now more than ever before, it is imperative that the drivers of MSL and MSL Manager performance are collectively understood.

On March 4, 2015 from 9-10pm EST, Thought Leader Select will be sponsoring a complimentary webinar to confront this topic, quantitatively, and discuss the first-ever Global MSL and MSL Manager Performance Survey (commissioned by the MSL Society). Register here to attend this free webinar and gain insights into MSL & MSL Management Performance and hear early results of the survey.

The Webinar will be lead by distinguished panelists including:
• Paul Meade, M.Sc., MPH – President, Thought Leader Select, LLC
• Alex Condoleon, MBBS, MBA – Senior Medical Director, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
• Luisa Luciani, PhD – Medical Science Liaison, Genzyme Pharmaceuticals

Topics to be covered include:
• KOL Engagement

For MSLs:
• Which MSL competencies are most important to success in the eyes of MSL managers?
• How effectively are MSLs delivering against them?
• What should MSLs ask of their managers to boost individual performance and to get to the next level?

For MSL Managers:
• How engaged are MSLs today and what’s driving any disengagement?
• How effective are MSL managers at managing people ... read more »

Castle Published in PM360 on Groundbreaking MSL Salary Report

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In January 2015, the Medical Science Liaison Society released a first-of-its-kind global salary and compensation report which included feedback from more than 1,350 MSLs, MSL Managers, medical affairs executives from 65 countries. PM360, the premier publication for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries called upon Thought Leader Select’s Director of Global Marketing and Client Relations, Brian Castle, to summarize the findings of this pioneering study:

pm360 article sm

Smithwick Authors Article for Physicians Practice Magazine

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To assist healthcare professionals dealing with challenges surrounding the Sunshine Act, Physicians Practice magazine turned to Thought Leader Select Vice President, Kristen Smithwick, for counsel. Smithwick compiled step-by-step recommendations on navigating the new regulations to enable the continued collaboration between physicians and industry:

Physician-Industry Collaboration and the Sunshine Act | Physicia

Landmark Global Salary Report Released by Thought Leader Select Partner, Medical Science Liaison Society

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Survey Includes Over 1,350 MSLs, MSL Managers, Medical Affairs Executives from 65 Countries

The Medical Science Liaison Society (MSL Society), the world’s first and only non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the medical science liaison (MSL) role in the pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries, announces the release of its first annual global salary and compensation report for the MSL profession.

The MSL Salary and Compensation Report was supported by society partner, Thought Leader Select, a US-based firm that works with commercial and medical affairs teams in life sciences companies to optimize their relationships and collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in medicine. The MSL Society surveyed more than 1,350 MSLs, MSL managers and Medical Affairs executives from 65 countries.

Among other findings, the average starting salary of an MSL in the U.S. is $121,712, while the average salary of an MSL with over fifteen years of experience in the U.S. is $168,429.

The full findings are complied using an infographic-style report of more than 250 pages of data representing six distinct regions: the United States, North America, South America, Europe, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Pacific. The report includes detailed breakdowns across salary ranges, salary by degree type (MD, PhD, PharmD), salary by role (MSL, Senior MSL), salary by years of experience, and salary by company type (large pharma, small pharma, startup biotech).

“We ... read more »

Ethical Corp Magazine: Paul Meade Weighs in on Transparency

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In this month’s issue, Ethical Corporation Magazine debates whether increased transparency in healthcare is truly the best way to compel ethical behavior among industry players. In need of input from an expert on public health ethics, the publication asked Thought Leader Select’s Paul Meade to share his thoughts on the implications of expanding accountability in the pharmaceutical industry.



Pharma Compliance Monitor Solicits Industry Advice from Meade

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With the future of medical innovation hanging in the balance, confusion surrounding the Sunshine Act has left those in the pharmaceutical industry in need of insight as they decide how best to collaborate with physicians.  To address these concerns, the Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor (PCM), a publication spotlighting regulatory and compliance news and developments for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities, sought the expertise of Thought Leader Select’s Paul Meade:


Triangle Business Journal Selects Meade for Guest Column

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In the wake of the Sunshine Act’s Open Payments database launch, press detailing payments made to doctors by the pharma and medical device industries is fueling speculation about the negative impact this development could have on industry.

Given the Raleigh-Durham area’s top medical centers and concentration of pharmaceutical/device manufacturers, the release of this information could have a lot of implications on the Triangle’s economy, in particular. As the region’s leading source of business news, the Triangle Business Journal turned to Thought Leader Select’s Paul Meade for his expert insight into these concerns:


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