FAQs: Health Care Professionals

  • Who is Thought Leader Select and why have you requested my CV?
    Thought Leader Select is a research firm that contracts directly with biopharmaceutical companies to provide a better understanding of medical experts for a variety of activities, typically consultative, like clinical trials, conference speakers, advisory board members, etc. We do this by verifying and compiling your experience in standardized format that can be easily navigated and queried by our client. Our clients do this in an effort to ensure that Thought Leaders are chosen on an unbiased basis and to effectively match up skills with the opportunities being considered. 
When we begin a research project, we typically will offer Thought Leaders a chance to provide their CVs, which ensures that all of experiences are fully represented.


  • What do you do with my CV and who will have access to it?
    Your CV is received by our research team and is parsed into the relevant categories, i.e. Publications, Awards, Clinical Trials, etc. If the client has requested that original CV’s be included in their package, we will provide your CV to them with our project delivery. Each client project has a separate file for CVs that is isolated from all other projects – we do not share your information with anyone other than the client. If a different client requests your CV in the future, we will contact you again and request a copy again for that specific client. While in our possession, our research team members hold your CV in strict confidence and are each under contract to do so.


  • I just provided my CV to you recently. Why are you asking again? 

    For confidentiality reasons, each client project has a separate file for CVs. Your CV will be held separately from all other projects – we do not share your information with anyone other than that client. When a different client requests your CV in the future, we contact you again and request a copy for that specific client’s use.


  • By providing my CV, am I obligating myself in any way? 

    No. Providing your CV does not obligate you to any affiliation with our client or any involvement with any specific project. It is simply a gathering and documentation of possible resources. Typically, this preliminary step is being taken before actual opportunities are considered and offered for a specific project. Furthermore, this resource is retained by our client and might also be used to offer future opportunities or as a building block to prepare for future projects.


  • I am too busy to take on new obligations. Can you contact me at a later date? 

    We only contact Thought Leaders for specific clients when we have been contracted to compile the possible resources for a certain therapeutic area. We may be contracted at a later date to update that resource, but otherwise will not be able to include your information at a later date. We encourage you to include your information even if you are not in a position to be able to help at this time. This resource is retained by our client and might also be used to offer future opportunities or as a building block to prepare for future projects.


  • My CV has personal information included. Will that information be used?
    We do not report personal information, such as your social security number, spouse information, home address, date of birth, race, religion, etc. Please feel free to remove this information before sending your CV to us. We do not include this information in any way.


  • What opportunities are being considered?
    To maintain our unbiased status during this documentation process, we are not privy to the specific opportunities being considered. As an unbiased party, we document and verify your experience and our client will then use that information to match up skills with the opportunities being offered. You are welcome to accept or decline any offers.


  • What happens if I do not send my CV? 

    Should you choose not to send your CV, Thought Leader Select will research your experience to the best of our ability and include what information is available in our documentation.


  • How did Thought Leader Select get my name? 

    In some cases, our client provides a list of individuals about whom they are interested in learning more. In other cases, we compile lists for companies through searches of literature, analysis of conference agendas and other such research. Typically, it is a combination of the two. On occasion, we may also gather recommendations on potential experts from other Thought Leaders.


  • Why does the company not contact me directly? 

    Companies hire us for a variety of reasons though most commonly, clients engage Thought Leader Select to extend their resources and/or gather information objectively. We have researchers who are dedicated to gathering curriculum vitae and public information about Thought Leaders in a variety of therapeutic areas. Companies often do not have the time or expertise to do this kind of work internally. We also have developed a proprietary methodology for organizing information about the experience and expertise of Thought Leaders in a way that is meaningful for our client companies.


  • I am already working with this company, and they have my CV. Why do I need to provide my CV to you?
    To maintain our unbiased status from a legal standpoint, the information that we document needs to be separate from those making the decisions on what opportunities are offered. While your CV is probably retained by your contact with our client, we need to verify your experience separate from those parties. It is most likely that we are not working directly with those people with whom you are in contact. Once this comprehensive documentation is complete, it provides our client with a centralized platform that allows all project managers to access, navigate, and query your experience more effectively.


  • Are you an SMO or CMO?
    No. We are a consulting company whose sole purpose is to standardize and verify information about Thought Leaders in a meaningful, effective way for our client. We will never ask the Thought Leaders we contact to pay any money; we are contracted directly by biopharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, we do not become involved in the actual selection of any Thought Leaders for any purpose.


  • My full CV is long. Will the short-form suffice? 

    We require your full CV to complete your file. We strive to provide a complete listing of all of your experiences, including all of the information in your full CV.


  • I have other questions. Who can I contact? 

    You are welcome to contact the research team member who has contacted you with any questions you may have. If they cannot help you, they will direct your questions to the Project Manager and possibly back to our client. You are always welcome to contact our Vice President of Research Operations: Aaron Portmann