Health Care Professionals

The Right Medical Professionals Working with the Right Companies for the Right Reasons

gurney in hospitalMany medical experts interact with biopharmaceutical companies in an advisory capacity, and without these crucial collaborations – in clinical trial settings, advisory boards, and educational speaking and publishing – medical advancement would grind to a halt at the expense of public health.

To govern these interactions, a number of regulations and guidelines are in place based on fundamental precept that industry should only engage those experts whose skills and experiences are relevant to the development need at hand.

Adhering to all data privacy laws in the countries we serve around the globe, we have created an ethical and transparent system enabling medical experts and industry to interact in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways without anyone questioning reasons or motivations. With public scrutiny of interactions among medical thought leaders and biopharmaceutical companies stronger than ever, our balanced approach to profiling health care professionals is absolutely critical, ensuring such interactions are ethical, compliant, and justified for the purpose of improving patient outcomes and public health.

For more information on privacy and confidentiality, please see our FAQs.  Also see our Privacy Policy specific to the European Union here.