Identification and Profiling

Thought Leader ID

ID is our signature service providing industry-leading identification and profiling of key opinion leaders across multiple health professions and therapeutic areas. ID is comprehensive and tailored to each client’s unique needs. We utilize clear, unbiased information to ensure assessments are ethical and compliant. The result is a win-win situation: Our clients are paired with the right health experts, at the right time, for the right reasons – while KOLs know that the objective analysis of their background, matched with activities that fulfill their interests, will help advance their careers.

We offer two versions of Thought Leader ID:

  • In Comprehensive View, we provide our deep-profiling of KOLs across 14 categories.
  • For clients with smaller, more immediate needs, we offer First Look, using a defined array of categories for KOL selection.

Thought Leader Emerge

Emerge is our innovative tool for monitoring rising stars in the medical community. Like all other professionals, physicians and other health care providers often change their amount of hours spent practicing as well as the degree of research work they perform year after year.

With Emerge, clients can monitor the evolving skills and experiences of recent fellowship graduates in a given specialty who have joined the high-achieving world of KOLs in medicine.

Thought Leader Verify

Vetting experts is a critical component within effective thought leader engagement strategies. Through our Verify service, Thought Leader Select validates the skills and experiences of HCPs for advisory boards, consulting, and speakers bureaus. To date, we have analyzed thousands of specialists, primary care physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc. across several key dimensions such as: experience speaking within the medical community, clinical research involvement, publishing history, developing treatment guidelines, and active patient care.

The Verify process empowers clients to engage experienced leaders in the medical community with demonstrated experience in clinical practice, research, and speaking. Our detailed research enables clients to determine fair market value (FMV) honoraria and charitable donations on behalf of participating experts.

op rmThought Leader Centers

Through Centers, we tap our resources to evaluate universities, clinics, and research foundations for a holistic approach to thought leadership in the medical community. With centers of excellence (COE) assessments, we start broadly with academic medical centers, then move into affiliated hospitals and clinics, and finally, identify and analyze significant affiliated physicians in educational and clinical roles.

health insuranceThought Leader Market Access

Market Access paves a smooth road to product reimbursement by organizing teams of payer/market access KOLs. We convene teams of thought leaders with valuable pricing and reimbursement experience from a host of third-party payer organizations to provide critical, timely advice on issues surrounding pricing, market access, reimbursement, and product performance in managed markets. From advisory groups that provide counsel to regulatory authorities and governments to members of local pharmacy and therapeutics committees, Market Access helps our clients navigate the complex issues of pricing and reimbursement.