Thought Leader Impact: Geographic Impact Tiering

Do you know the impact that Thought Leaders have, both from a geographic perspective as well as through collaborations with the peers in their professional networks?  Thought Leader Select answers this question with Impact solutions:

With Geographic Impact Tiering, Thought Leader Select delivers objective, validated measurements of key opinion leader activities, from speaking at global medical congresses to featured work at local therapeutic area association meetings. Geographic Impact Tiering captures the cascading levels of impact shown by Thought Leaders at global, national, regional, and local levels across multiple areas of thought leadership, including publishing in scientific journals, speaking engagements, basic and clinical research, patient advocacy, and media exposure.

Thought Leader Impact: PINs

With Professional Impact Networks (PINs) — Thought Leader Select’s second offering within the Impact solutions suite — we gauge impact across health care provider professional networks, noting the known collaborations among key opinion leaders in multiple therapeutic areas and disease states like oncology, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, diabetes, and women’s health.  Built on a foundation of objective, validated research, PINs are the ultimate KOL mapping tool, delivering the true impact of physician social networks, showing connectivity across multiple functional areas of known thought leader collaboration, including publishing in scientific journals, basic and clinical research, treatment guidelines work, and association leadership and participation.

Thought Leader Beliefs & Preferences

What do Thought Leaders believe about your company and its products, as well as your competitors and their products? Do they believe you are ethical, meeting unmet medical needs, and offering the best treatments for the patients they see in their respective practices? And what are their preferences for working with industry to promote better patient and public health?

Thought Leader Select, in partnership with our sister company, Clear Point Health, answers these and many other questions through customized qualitative assessments of the beliefs and preferences of key opinion leaders across multiple therapeutic areas and disease states.  Thought Leader Beliefs & Preferences captures insights from key opinion leaders in medicine, delivering actionable intelligence direct from the marketplace to guide marketing and medical science outreach.

A Thought Leader Select exclusive, Thought Leader Beliefs & Preferences offers a full complement of analytics and recommendations based on findings gleaned from physician interviews and surveys.  In addition to mapping companies and their products by therapeutic class, we deliver KOL preferences for working with industry, including multiple thought leadership areas such as early and late-stage clinical trials, scientific journal publishing, speaking and presenting, media work, treatment guidelines, and patient advocacy.