Thought Leader Select Assesses Key Opinion Leaders, Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health

March 7, 2012 · Leave a comment

Thought Leader Select, a Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based research and consulting firm for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries, announces the commencement a research assessment of key opinion leaders and centers of excellence in the treatment area of women’s health.  The company will perform the assessment for a top-50 global biopharmaceutical firm entering the treatment of conditions affecting women.

For the assessment, Thought Leader Select will use its proprietary KOL identification and profiling methodology, known as deep profiling, to pinpoint 100 U. S. key opinion leaders in women’s health, with specialty in the area of obstetrics and gynecology. The company will then study the skills and experience of American OB/GYNs in several areas of thought leadership in the medical field, including areas of expertise, leadership in basic and clinical research, and research publishing in leading scientific journals.

The client company will utilize Thought Leader Select’s findings to engage key opinion leaders in obstetrics and gynecology on a number of fronts, including advisory boards, consulting, and medical science liaison outreach.

In addition to assessing OB/GYN KOLs in the United States, Thought Leader Select will also apply its objective, validated methodology to identify and profile 50 American centers of excellence in the area of women’s health. For the centers of excellence assessment, Thought Leader Select will gauge each center’s community footprint of associated physicians and ... read more »


The Illuminating Value of a Key Opinion Leader Research Assessment: Validation versus Identification

June 29, 2010 · Leave a comment

During a recent client feedback survey interview, a pharmaceutical company executive defined Thought Leader Select’s value in this manner:  “We always think we know our physician key opinion leaders in a given therapeutic area.  Your company provides immense value not only in validating our KOLs with thorough, objective information on their skills and experiences, but also in pointing out to us that there are other experts out there whom we should be engaging in the development of new medicines.”

A case in point is Thought Leader Select’s recent analysis of a pool of global key opinion leaders in the therapeutic area of infectious diseases for a large, multi-national pharmaceutical company. For the study, the company supplied the names of 32 medical experts they had engaged in Europe and North America and asked Thought Leader Select to profile and compare the skills and experiences of these physicians with those of 23 new thought leaders identified and profiled by Thought Leader Select in those same geographic regions.

The results of the study provided the client company with a better understanding of the skills and experiences of not only their current pool of medical advisors, but those of an expanded pool as well.  In the analysis of the new, larger pool of physicians in the areas of development most important to the client, Thought Leader ... read more »