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The Medical Science Liaison Society’s Dr. Samuel Dyer—The Thought Leader Select Interview, Part One

Thought Leader Select is a company focused on driving industry collaborations among biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies with leading medical experts and centers of excellence, with the ultimate goals of these collaborations being two-fold in purpose:  better treatment options[...]

Is Social Media the Right Tool for Finding Key Opinion Leaders in Medicine?

Industry Insights from Brian Castle As in nearly all other aspects of life, social media is fast becoming a dominant force in the world of healthcare. Leading centers of excellence—hospitals, clinics, research foundations, and universities—are utilizing social media to educate[...]

Thought Leader Select Announces New Assessments of Key Opinion Leaders, Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health, Oncology

Company News Thought Leader Select is pleased to announce a pair of projects in support of a top 10 global biopharmaceutical company as it seeks to develop a portfolio of medicines in women’s health. For the assessments, Thought Leader Select[...]

How Will Healthcare Reform Impact Your Next Investigator or Advisory Board Meeting?

Regulatory Guidance from Aprel Buonpane The main components of the new US healthcare reform legislation will continue to be subjects for debate in the coming months and years, but tucked in among all of the changes for Medicare beneficiaries, coverage[...]

Use of Social Media in Healthcare

Trendspotting with Kristen Smithwick There’s been plenty of talk in recent months about the impact of social media on the future of healthcare. Many stakeholders are carving out their own space within the social media sphere, with customized strategies that[...]

Fast Facts from Thought Leader Select—Trends in Epilepsy Advocacy Involvement

According to CURE Epilepsy, epilepsy affects 50,000,000 people worldwide (http://www.cureepilepsy.org/about/epilepsy_facts.asp). This disorder can be debilitating, and finding the ideal treatment can improve patients’ quality of life significantly. In addition to patient advocacy groups, health care professionals (HCPs) are often involved[...]