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The Sunshine Act: Who Pays for It Anyway?

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M.Sc., MPH By now, just about everyone involved in healthcare has heard about the Sunshine Provision (also known as the Sunshine Act). Starting January 1, 2012, any U.S. drug or device manufacturer that provides compensation[...]

Should Doctors Be Paid By Drug Companies?

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M.Sc., MPH Should doctors be paid by drug companies? Well, I guess that depends on the reason for the payment. If a physician, known for her expertise in a given area, is asked by a[...]

The Sunshine Act and Working with Thought Leaders

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M.Sc. MPH With the Sunshine Act getting closer to implementation, every company that works with thought leaders is preparing for full disclosure and transparency in the way they work and compensate these physicians and other[...]

KOL Engagement and Enforcement in Canada, Relative to the United States

In the Field with Neil: Observations from Neil Mellor, Business Development Consultant “When the US sneezes,” as they say, “Canada catches a cold.” This cliché could not be more apt for the Canada pharmaceutical executive when it comes to managing[...]

The Future of Thought Leaders in Healthcare

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M.Sc, MPH For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has had a good working relationship with the medical profession. Of course, pharmaceutical companies have always been dependent on physicians writing prescriptions for their products, and for pharmacists[...]