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Successful Product Launches with the Right Thought Leaders

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M. Sc, MPH When a biopharmaceutical company introduces a new medicine to the market, it comes after years of research, years of clinical development, and some times even years of regulatory review. With the patent[...]

Europe's IMI Sets Pace for Public/Private Partnerships in Pharmaceutical Development

A recent PharmaTimes article highlighted the efforts of the largest public/private partnership in the pharmaceutical industry, Europe’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).  The IMI, jointly funded for 2 billion euros by the European Commission and the industry group, the European Federation[...]

Medical Experts Drive Approval Process, Ensure Drug Safety

In a recent post on Pharmalot, the pharmaceutical industry blog highlighted a recent survey that gauged American opinions on the speed and safety of the process for developing new medicines.  The survey, conducted by Eli Lilly and ResearchAmerica, measured a[...]

The Thought Leaders Driving Thought Leader Select: A Blog Series–John Kelly

John Kelly, a 40-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, joined Thought Leader Select in the spring of 2010. Throughout his career, John has served in many leadership posts, directing commercial development and clinical operations for a host of companies in[...]

Personalized Medicine Shaping Pharma's Future

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M. Sc, MPH I have spent the last 30 years directly or indirectly involved with the pharmaceutical industry. I worked for two international pharmaceutical companies and have advised many other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies over[...]

Italy's D3 Unites Pharmaceutical Industry, Academia for Public Health

A report in yesterday’s Pharma Letter illustrates how critical partnerships between the pharmaceutical industry and academia can be beneficial for patients, medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry alike. The Italian Institute of Technology’s Drug Discovery and Development Unit (D3) “brings[...]

The Trifecta of Mutually-Beneficial Relationships: KOLs, Pharma, and Patients—Part Three

Key Opinion Leaders Help to Foster Robust, Viable Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Pipelines Imagine a world where pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies developed therapies without input from KOLs at various stages of product discovery and development. The results would be far fewer[...]