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Companion Diagnostics – Partnering for Personalized Medicine

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M. Sc, MPH When the Human Genome Project was finally completed with the mapping of the genetic sequences of our DNA, there were many predictions about how the face of medicine would change forever. We[...]

Ethics of Gene Therapy to Dominate Healthcare Landscape for Years to Come

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M. Sc, MPH During my recent studies for an ethics certificate, I encountered several ethical issues that stimulated my thinking about the future of healthcare. I would like to address an ethical issue that I[...]

Personalized Medicine Shaping Pharma's Future

Industry Insights from Paul Meade, M. Sc, MPH I have spent the last 30 years directly or indirectly involved with the pharmaceutical industry. I worked for two international pharmaceutical companies and have advised many other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies over[...]

Post-Reform Jitters: Opportunities for Positive Change in the Healthcare Industry

Industry Insights from Paul Meade,  M. Sc, MPH With all the players in the healthcare field scrambling to understand just how the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is going to impact their livelihood, it is no wonder everyone[...]

The Thought Leaders Driving Thought Leader Select: A Blog Series—Dr. Maher Noureddine

Dr. Maher “Max” Noureddine joined Thought Leader Select as its chief scientific officer in 2007, after a two-year stint as a senior research fellow in molecular genetics at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Institutes of Health (NIEHS/NIH). Prior[...]