Uncovering meaningful interconnections to identify KOLs

As the healthcare landscape becomes increasingly competitive, finding leading KOLs is more imperative than ever before. Doing so is also becoming more challenging as marketplace complexity intensifies. Our team has found the solution in cutting-edge, objective methods of identifying KOLs – as well as emerging stars in healthcare – by seeing how they intersect across thought leadership activities, disease states, geographies, and more.

Our latest innovation, Activity Network Mapping, takes a fresh, hybrid approach to social network analysis and KOL identification. By charting their connections, we are able to identify the leaders advancing treatments in therapeutic spaces.

In cardiovascular, infectious disease, pain, oncology, and more, our work powers leading-edge industry engagement and collaboration with the global medical community. Together, we’ll help you explore the stars of medicine – along with those on the rise – and propel your business to new heights.

Brian Castle, Sr. Director of Marketing & Strategy

Intra-country map

Inter-country map