Biopharma Leader Chooses Thought Leader Select for KOL Initiatives in Bacterial Infections

September 26, 2013 (CHAPEL HILL, NC) A global biopharmaceutical leader recently tabbed North Carolina’s Thought Leader Select to assist the company with an upcoming slate of key opinion leader (KOL) initiatives in the area of bacterial infections.

The KOL initiatives will support a developing portfolio of intravenous treatments for certain bacterial infections.

Thought Leader Select, headquartered in Chapel Hill, provides research and consulting services to companies in the life sciences industry, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics companies. These custom-tailored services support the necessary and critical industry outreach to and collaboration with leading medical experts, the health care professionals that advance treatment options and promote better public health at regional, national, and global levels.

For the engagement, Thought Leader Select’s in-house research team will identify and profile 250 key opinion leaders in the United States and around the world, with specialty focus in the area of infectious diseases.  The KOLs will have demonstrated skill and expertise in the sub-specialty area of hospital-acquired pneumonia, complicated urinary tract infections, and complicated intra-abdominal infections.

In addition to utilizing its comprehensive, deep-profiling methodology to assess the skills and experience of physicians within the infectious disease community, Thought Leader Select will also focus its work on notable young and new physicians, often called rising stars, in this area.

Thought Leader Select’s proprietary analytics on peer-to-peer interactions, a form of social network analysis called Professional Impact Networks, will map the known collaborative activities among the selected key opinion leaders in areas of thought leadership like publishing in scientific journals, speaking at medical meetings and congresses, and developing treatment guidelines.

The company’s work will also feature engagement planning to align with the particular strengths of each key opinion leader, as well as build understanding of the geographic level of impact (local, regional, national, global) of the work of each physician.

“With this client engagement, Thought Leader Select is writing a new chapter in its long history of serving companies developing new treatments in the area of infectious diseases,” stated Neil Mellor, the company’s global business consultant based in Toronto. “Our company’s heritage, from its earliest days, was built on our work in the area of HIV/AIDs and hepatitis-C.  We are excited to begin this new chapter in infectious disease, as we help the committed people at this great client company in their efforts to promote better public health on such a large, global scale with these potentially high-impact treatments.”

About Thought Leader Select

Thought Leader Select is a Chapel Hill, NC-based private consulting firm serving the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics industries with strategies, in-house research, and a suite of engagement tools and support for collaborating with and reaching out to key opinion leaders and centers of excellence in medicine.

Thought Leader Select has supported companies as they develop effective treatments to promote better patient and public health across more than 18 therapeutic areas and 50 diseases and conditions. Thought Leader Select’s customized work strengthens medical marketing initiatives, medical affairs outreach, and payer marketing strategies to support market access, pricing, and reimbursement issues.

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Brian Castle, Director of Global Marketing and Client Relations

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