Case Study: Speakers Bureau Selection

Case Study:
Speakers Bureau Selection

The Problem

Our client commissioned us to find the most qualified, talented speakers in healthcare to share their expertise with key stakeholders in the medical community. Due to the high annual rate of speaker turnover associated with this particular disease state, this project would require us to vet a sizeable number KOLs and HCPs in order to provide the client with a select pool of speakers, as well as an allotment of potential replacements.

The Solution

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Preferred attributes included speaking experience, academic affiliations, clinical affiliations, and published treatment guidelines. Client-specific data points such as peer surveys and recommendations were factored in, as was geographic distribution (based on market need). Distribution of speakers’ professional credentials (i.e. PCPs, specialists, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, etc.) was also taken into account to enable the client to engage a range of customers from the perspectives of diverse roles and specialties.

Based on the information collected, our team then devised a proprietary algorithm tailored to our clients’ needs and input in order to prioritize the candidates in a way that was both objective and subjective. We delivered to our client both a list of our top candidates and a compilation of “heat maps” that display geographic diversity by role and specialty.

The Results

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As we were charged with casting an extremely wide net in order to extract the most effective, qualified, and diverse bureau of speakers in the healthcare community, we began with a pool of 2000 candidates. Through meticulous vetting, we distilled this pool to an elite group of 500 KOLs and HCPs with expertise and noted speaking experience. Further using experiential data provided by TLS to determine fair market value, our client, in turn, contracted this select group of 500 experts for their bureau of world-class speakers.


Brian Castle, Sr. Director of Marketing & Strategy

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