TLS Sister Company, Clear Point Health, Launches Patient Engagement Services

Clear Point Health, a Research Triangle, NC-based research and consulting firm focused on optimizing the customer experience for healthcare and life science companies, announces the launch of services to help life sciences companies optimize patient engagement.


Founded in 2003, Thought Leader Select’s sister company, Clear Point Health, delivers a variety of bespoke research and strategic consulting services to life sciences companies and a variety of healthcare provider institutions, accountable care organizations, and health plans, worldwide.  Core services include work aimed at optimizing relationships between industry and healthcare providers, including KOL beliefs and preferences mapping, medical science liaison (MSL) effectiveness assessments, and services to measure digital influence in healthcare.


The company’s new patient engagement division is specifically focused on helping clients better understand the patient journey and create platforms for continuous accumulation and analysis of patient insights. Both sets of services—patient journey mapping and patient insights and action plans—will help companies achieve better patient outcomes and drive their businesses more efficiently and profitably with voice-of-patient research. In addition, CPH is offering a patient engagement assessment tool to help organizations evaluate their PE strategy and initiatives through data analytics and effective outcomes. The new patient engagement initiative at Clear Point Health is led by founder Paul Meade.


“As a longtime biopharmaceutical industry leader and public health advocate, I’m thrilled to announce this latest endeavor where Clear Point Health can have a real impact on the lives of patients around the world,” stated Meade. “As patients take more control over their health decisions, it’s important that their input into treatments be taken into account in ways that benefit all stakeholders. We can have better medicines, better devices, and the kind of treatment pathways that consistently provide value to those receiving care. When we commit ourselves to a ‘patient-first’ mentality, patient-centered product, service, and care development becomes more efficient and more profitable for all involved.”


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About Clear Point Health 

Since 2003, Clear Point Health has provided directional intelligence aimed at optimizing the customer experience and patient experience for healthcare providers and life sciences companies.  The company’s suite of research and consulting solutions include gathering insights from key opinion leaders in medicine, measuring the impact of digital influencers in healthcare, and helping clients better understand and improve the patient journey.


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