Corporate Responsibility at Thought Leader Select

By Brian Castle and Kristen Smithwick

At Thought Leader Select, we have the privilege of working with a group of people who are always mindful of our company’s place in the big world of healthcare. We view our mission as a simple one, and that is to go about our work in ways that will always ultimately promote better patient care and public health outcomes.

We collaborate, through a strategic approach, with a variety of partner companies in the healthcare space—companies developing and commercializing pharmaceuticals, biotech treatments, medical devices, and diagnostics—as well as thousands of thought leaders, key advisors, and medical centers of excellence across more than 18 therapeutic areas covering over 50 diseases and conditions that affect millions of people around the world.

This week, we are proud to launch a new expression of our company’s mission and what we see as our responsibility to our partners across healthcare and the patients we all serve. We are proud of our team’s heritage in multiple areas of healthcare—our people have led industry teams working in brand and product commercialization, predictive medicine, and strategic planning, and they have also performed critical research work and delivered clinical care to patients alongside leading physicians in many of the top medical centers on multiple continents.

On our new Our Mission and Responsibility page, you’ll see a listing of many of the organizations that our company and its people have supported since our founding.  Our goal here is to promote these organizations even more by providing links to their respective sites to drive new people to experience their great work as we have.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our company and the mindset we use to approach our work. What we do isn’t merely foundational to promoting some corporate commercial strategy, and the physicians and centers we engage on behalf of companies around the world aren’t merely data points for people to access for some kind of gain.  What we do is part of a much bigger set of solutions, as the public and private sectors that make up the scientific community work together to solve the world’s problems in health, and we are gratified by seeing a real evolution, year after year, in the quality of care that people receive.

Brian Castle is the Director of Global Marketing and Client Relations at Thought Leader Select.  Kristen Smithwick is the Vice President of Global Business Development, Marketing, and Strategic Planning at Thought Leader Select.

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