TLS VP, Castle, Earns Elite DEI Certification

Thought Leader Select’s Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, Brian Castle has earned certification at the highest level for professionals and executives in the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Castle became a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) in January, as recognized by The Institute for Diversity Certification.

“Because the DEI lexicon is constantly evolving as we seek to become a more inclusive society, it’s important that we equip our clients with the strategies and support needed to see their diversity needle move in a positive direction,” Castle said. “Myriad studies have documented how improving DEI delivers better performance, not only for life science companies’ various stakeholders and patients, but also their bottom line. Therefore, integrating this mindset into an organizations’ moral and operational fabric is a must moving forward.”

As with other diversity executives, Castle was attracted to the DEI space out of a sense of purpose and was then convinced to get involved because of the strong business case. “I was inspired to work in DEI from a sense of doing what’s right by people and making the world a better place for my own multi-racial family,” Castle explained. “I’m so grateful to our friends at the Diversity Movement for their education and mentorship. In an ever-diversifying society, it’s important that people know they can align the right thing to do with being more innovative and profitable.”

The time for incorporating DEI into healthcare professional engagement is long overdue, and Thought Leader Select considers the implementation of appropriate DEI practices and processes part of our mission to optimize medical engagement with life sciences companies worldwide.

“We are identifying more diverse key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals through innovative research methods and tools such as digital insights analysis and looking at institutions like societies and medical schools, as well as underserved areas,” Castle added. “I’m very proud that TLS is staking its claim as the industry leader in more inclusive life sciences collaborations with the medical community.”

To learn more, please view our new white paper: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in KOL Identification, and we invite you to contact Brian Castle at for information on how we can help you strengthen the diversity of your KOL roster.

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