Europe's IMI Sets Pace for Public/Private Partnerships in Pharmaceutical Development

A recent PharmaTimes article highlighted the efforts of the largest public/private partnership in the pharmaceutical industry, Europe’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).  The IMI, jointly funded for 2 billion euros by the European Commission and the industry group, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), seeks to address the development and delivery issues for critical new medicines that may be too large for an individual institution or company to tackle alone.

According to PharmaTimes, the IMI focuses on “unmet needs common to the pharmaceutical industry and patients – the key concepts being pre-competitive research, open innovation and patient-tailored therapies.”   Now in its third year accepting proposals, the initiative will target a number of new developments in pharmaceuticals and patient education, including the development of personalized medicine approaches for the treatment of diabetes and a variety of training programs for creating “informed patients.”

Ongoing projects like the Innovative Medicines Initiative and Italy’s Drug Development and Discovery Unit (see our previous post about the D3 here) are opening up greater opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry to pool its resources and work with the medical community for better public health.

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