Fast Facts from Thought Leader Select—Profile of a Top ADD/ADHD Center of Excellence

In a recent study commissioned by a global pharmaceutical and medical device company, Thought Leader Select delivered an objective research assessment of the top 35 medical centers of excellence for the treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) across the United States and Canada.  For the assessment, Thought Leader Select analyzed information in several key areas, including basic and clinical research, publications, residency programs, and treatment guidelines involvement.

Within the scope of the overall assessment, the client company commissioned a more focused look at the top centers of excellence for research in the ADD/ADHD field.  The top center’s profile included 11 ongoing clinical trials to evaluate the potential for new medicines to effectively treat ADD and ADHD.  Previously, the center completed nine major studies evaluating the effectiveness of various treatment methods for the conditions, and the center had generated 18 clinical trial publications over a seven-year period.

In addition to the center’s array of landmark studies and clinical trial participation, the Thought Leader Select assessment also noted the center’s dominance in the area of publishing. For this category, the company used keywords relevant to the client’s focus within the therapeutic area to determine medical journal article relevancy. The center had generated a total of 94 publications in the treatment area of ADD/ADHD since 2001, with 67 of the 94 articles and reviews matching the keywords for relevancy to Thought Leader Select’s client.

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