Happy Thanksgiving from Thought Leader Select

2013 has been a great year for Thought Leader Select.  Long-time clients have rewarded us with repeat business, and many new clients have entered the fold.  Clients old and new have validated our philosophy and approach to capturing the skills, experiences, and interests of key opinion leaders in medicine, based on an objective, validated methodology that celebrates thought leadership for how it drives industry collaborations for better quality of life for patients and better public health outcomes.

For this validation, and the success that comes with it, we are grateful.

In addition to being grateful to our clients, we are grateful to our business partners, like-minded companies that also love what they do and have helped us expand our capabilities and offerings to our clients.  They are valuable to us because they have created more value for those whom we serve, life sciences companies and the medical community.

And we are certainly appreciative of our employees.  2013 has woven new people into the fabric of Thought Leader Select, and our team is better for it.  When people ask us what makes Thought Leader Select different from our competitors, we believe the answer begins and ends with our people. From our business development consultants with over 50 years of industry experience to the research managers who have worked for decades alongside key opinion leaders in centers of excellence around the world, our people deliver their work with an unbeatable understanding, full of insights that capture deeper meaning in the work we perform. In 2013, they’ve been asked to carry a heavy load—success brings challenges, too—and they have delivered time and again in the service of our clients.

As we all take a few days to rest and reflect on the year we’ve had, let’s remember to be thankful for our health and safety, and all of those who work so hard to make those things better for all of us every day. From our family at Thought Leader Select to your family, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season.



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