Industry Contraction Spurs New Partnership Opportunities

According to a February 2010 article in, pharmaceutical companies will continue to outsource more of their business to single-service providers. To capture more business, CROs will merge or focus on niche opportunities.

Thought Leader Select, a research firm providing sophisticated KOL deployment strategies to the pharma and biotech industries, has developed a unique opportunity to provide pharma companies – through their outsourced partnerships with CROs and other research outfits – predictive models for selecting clinical investigators. These models, known as Clinical Investigator Success Plans, match the skills, experiences, and preferences of clinical investigators with companies’ trial protocols to improve the success rates of their studies.

Companies can often trace clinical trial pitfalls to their investigators’ abilities to recruit the right patients in a timely fashion, according to Paul Meade, President of Thought Leader Select. “When companies understand the trial environments that best match the clinical investigator’s strengths, they will ultimately avoid setbacks that delay trials from meeting critical endpoints and also avoid over-spending on clinical research,” said Meade, a 25-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry.

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