Italy's D3 Unites Pharmaceutical Industry, Academia for Public Health

A report in yesterday’s Pharma Letter illustrates how critical partnerships between the pharmaceutical industry and academia can be beneficial for patients, medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry alike. The Italian Institute of Technology’s Drug Discovery and Development Unit (D3) “brings together scientists with experience in industry and academia to discover new drugs in pain, inflammation and dementia.” Having already received considerable funding from the Italian government, D3 is interested in partnering with external collaborators to further projects.

Through its in-depth key opinion leader (KOL) identification and profiling, Thought Leader Select sees how many similar partnerships around the globe are successful in creating innovative therapies and furthering scientific work. We look forward to the advancements that D3 is sure to bring. As partnerships between the industry and leading academic centers of excellence continue to form, we expect today’s breakthrough compounds to become tomorrow’s key medicines for global public health much more quickly.

Institutes like the D3 in Italy will illustrate, on an even greater level, the synergies that inevitably develop when the pharmaceutical industry teams up with the right key opinion leaders for clinical investigation, advisory boards, editorial boards, and other key areas of deployment.

Read the full article here.

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