Mexico Emerging as New Pharma Development Market; Key Opinion Leaders Will Drive Success

As the biopharmaceutical industry continues to pursue expansion in emerging markets, academic and practicing health care professionals will become more critical to a company’s success. Mexico, for example, is positioning itself as one of the most promising emerging markets according to Focus Reports. The sheer size of this market, combined with its lower healthcare spending, growing purchasing power, and changing biopharma industry make Mexico an attractive market for expansion.

To understand the changing landscape of government regulations—to universalize healthcare, develop regulatory standards, and protect innovative and generic drug patents— companies entering this market will need to identify and develop relationships with respected medical academics and community physicians.

Recognizing the immense growth potential of Mexican and Latin American markets for its biopharmaceutical clients, Thought Leader Select recently began offering KOL identification, profiling and deployment services in the region. With business development team members “on the ground” in Mexico and Latin America, Thought Leader Select is uniquely suited to assist multinational pharma corporations and local pharmaceutical companies in identifying KOLs at various levels (academic, community, etc.) and in understanding how to engage them during the development of new medicines that will positively impact public health.

Dr. Daniel Bagi, a 20-year veteran of the Latin American pharmaceutical industry, is leading Thought Leader Select’s efforts to bring innovative KOL identification, profiling, and advisory services to meet the region’s needs.

Read the full report on Mexico’s growing biopharmaceutical industry at Pharmaceutical Executive.

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