Pharma Faces Longer Approval Times, Lower Reimbursement Rates in Years Ahead—Effective Payer KOLs the Answer

Pharmaceutical manufacturers will face longer regulatory approval times and lower reimbursement rates in the years ahead according to new IMS data. A recent IMS release summarizes market forecasting data, including reduced drug spending by public payers and more extensive reviews of new therapies.

To navigate effectively through these new challenges, pharmaceutical companies will need a collection of knowledgeable key opinion leaders (KOLs). Physician KOLs and payer experts (both public and private) can advise companies on various issues critical to gaining reimbursement in a timely fashion.

Through its exclusive deep profiling methodology, Thought Leader Select has identified, profiled and recommended customized teams of physician and payer KOLs for specific advisory activities in more than 57 countries around the world. In our experience, larger panels of payer and physician KOLs with diverse experience in pharmacy, health economics, health outcomes, public and private formularies, and patient care enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to discuss reimbursement issues quickly and act nimbly on expert guidance.

Read more IMS forecasts here.

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