The Importance of Putting a Human Eye on Data

Whether your company is looking to identify and profile KOLs in your therapeutic area, get to know your key stakeholders better, or find talented healthcare professionals for a speakers bureau, collecting the right data is an essential step to accomplishing your mission. As a research-first consulting company focused on thought leadership in medicine, our highly skilled team is committed to helping companies like collect, analyze, and most importantly, curate, the data needed to improve your offerings. Today, I’d like to discuss the importance of putting a human eye on the data.

The Exponential Growth of Data

According to the global market intelligence firm IDC, there were approximately 18 zettabytes of data in 2018, and they estimate this number will balloon to 175 zettabytes by 2025. As more data is generated every single year, it becomes increasingly difficult to make sense of and properly utilize it. Anyone is capable of generating a data dump, but it takes immense skill to properly prepare data in a way that makes it useful for businesses. That’s where teams like ours come into the picture.

What Data Curation Means For Us

Once we comb various databases and extract information related to our client’s area of interest, whether it be a therapeutic area, specific disease, or treatment, the amount of information we come back with is frankly unusable for most businesses. Not many companies have the time, money, or human resources to properly analyze the millions of results that come back from a single search. To make this data relevant for our clients, we employ advanced data analysis and visualization techniques that will help to bring the data to life.

We sort through the mountains of data, clean it, identify the most relevant pieces, and dispose of anything unrelated to our client’s mission. Next, we identify any gaps in the information and go back to the databases to conduct further research. Additionally, we put together data visualizations to display everything in an easily digestible and visually-stunning format. I’m a self-proclaimed data geek and love making complex data pop with graphs, charts, and other visuals. Once we have the complete picture, that is when the data is ready for our clients.

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The personal touch we give data is what sets our company apart from the crowd. While artificial intelligence is useful for data collection, nothing comes close to the analytical powers of the human mind. Putting a human eye on the data is what turns it from a meaningless pile of numbers into insights that will change your business for the better. Contact us today to learn more about research services related to key opinion leaders, digital opinion leaders, patient insights, and much more.

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