The Science of Selecting Promotional Speakers

What makes someone an influential promotional speaker? That’s the question that many businesses ask themselves and it’s not an easy one to answer. As part of our work at Thought Leader Select, I assist medical organizations in finding the right physicians and healthcare providers to speak in a variety of settings. Today, I’d like to discuss some of the traits we look for when searching for candidates, in addition to the positive effects that a moving speaker can have on the healthcare industry.

Striking the Perfect Balance

It’s not enough for someone to simply have the right academic qualifications or experience in the field; they must be an engaging, personable speaker. This winning combination is often difficult to find, but the right approach to your research will usually yield the right people to fit your business objectives and align to their clinical and research interests. To determine the best candidate, our research team gathers extensive data and take an objective approach to reviewing each person’s unique qualifications.

As far as data goes, we gather information from diverse sources with regard to their current work positions, education, memberships to professional societies, community involvement, prior conferences they have been featured in, past publications, and experience in various therapeutic areas. Once collected, our team scours the data and assigns priority for having the relevant clinical experience, publications, personality qualities, and other attributes. In order to find the right fit for a promotional speaking opportunity, it’s vital to analyze candidate data in an objective manner.

Passion Is a Must-Have

 In addition to the right experience and an engaging presentation style, it’s vital to search for empathetic candidates who have a genuine passion for the work they do. The ideal professional will be passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, and they’ll have the end-goal of improving the lives of patients and their respective families.  In order for your business to attract these types of speakers, it’s important to show the same level of empathy and interest they do. Some speakers are highly selective about the types of organizations that they will work with, so communicating your company’s focus on patients and shared interest will help you attract the top experts in your area of concern.

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Without the proper guidance, it can be difficult for company stakeholders to successfully navigate the complicated and time-consuming process of selecting a speakers bureau. Thankfully, we’re here to help with bespoke research methodologies that optimize bureau performance and compliance. 

Thought Leader Select is here to be your partner in this process. Please contact us today to learn more about speaker bureau selection services.

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