The Thought Leaders Driving Thought Leader Select: A Blog Series—Lynda Scott

Lynda Scott joined Thought Leader Select as a research manager in the spring of 2010, after serving the company for three years as a researcher. A native of South Africa, Lynda brings a global perspective into the world of medicine, specializing in leading the company’s research on medical centers of excellence all over the world.

Lynda is no stranger to centers of excellence, having worked in clinical departments in radiotherapy and nuclear medicine in some of South Africa’s premier teaching hospitals and clinics. She holds a master of health science in medical radiation sciences from the University of Sydney (Australia).

Lynda has published research findings in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, as well as presenting her research at Duke University Medical Center.

The Thought Leader Select Blog sat down with Lynda to discuss her industry experience and her professional contribution to Thought Leader Select.

TLS Blog:
Good afternoon, Lynda. Why did you join Thought Leader Select?

Lynda Scott: I’ve been involved in medical research, in both a large hospital setting and private practice, and many of my patients were involved in clinical trials. When an opportunity at Thought Leader Select came along, I wanted to remain in the medical field and still really make a difference in the lives of patients. I loved that I could achieve both of those aims in my work with the company.
I really enjoy research and teaching others how to do it, and Thought Leader Select feeds that desire in a flexible work environment.

TLS Blog: How do your academic and/or professional backgrounds inform your work at Thought Leader Select?

Lynda Scott: My background is in medical imaging and radiation therapy. This medical background—both diagnostic and therapeutic—helps to inform my research on a daily basis. To do this kind of work, you need to be very task-focused, but you have to be able to see how your tasks fit in with the big picture of a project, and the aims of the company. Also, like my clinical and research work in the medical field, my work at Thought Leader Select requires me to work independently and mesh well with a larger team to meet client needs. The professional parallels are abundant.

With regard to my education, the research aspect of my graduate degree taught me to analyze information critically. I learned to never take things at face value—question everything and verify to make sure you have the best information available to inform your decisions.

TLS Blog: What do you enjoy most about your work at Thought Leader Select?

Lynda Scott: That’s easy—working with the people on the research team at Thought Leader Select. The team is really dedicated to meeting client needs, and each person brings their own unique part of the package to the table. I’m continually amazed by everyone’s commitment to the cause. People really step in and step up for our clients when needed—you never hear, “That’s not my job.” And everyone is very open to changes in our process, especially as we keep adding new people who bring new perspectives. They are all very attentive to quality control (one of my pet causes) and ongoing training.

Also, I really enjoy leading work on centers of excellence in the medical community. Our approach brings a holistic perspective to thought leader research. We start at the university level, then bring our analysis to the hospital and research teams connected with the universities, and then provide analysis on thought leaders making an impact in these settings. For me, our centers of excellence research really completes the picture we are able to present to the client.

TLS Blog: How do you spend your down time?

Lynda Scott: I’m a dedicated distance runner, thanks to my husband, Trevor, who introduced me to running about 20 years ago. It’s obviously about keeping healthy and fit, and it’s a great stress reliever, too. But for me, I can honestly say that running has taught me a lot in life. There will always be ups and downs, but with determination you can always achieve your goals.

While I’ve run multiple marathons and ultramarathons in the past, I now stick to a regimen of running 5 miles per day, about three to four days a week. Trevor and I always run when we travel, too—it’s a great way to see new places, and we’ve run in some amazing places, like London, Paris, Sydney, New York, Rome, Milan, Boston, and San Francisco. I can tell you first-hand that there’s no better way to see the countryside in Tuscany and South Africa, much less the beaches of the Caribbean. They are all just wonderful to see.

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