The Trifecta of Mutually-Beneficial Relationships: KOLs, Pharma and Patients—Part Two

KOLs Provide the “Voice of the Patient” for Life-changing Discoveries

According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA—
(, “Only one of every 10,000 potential medicines investigated by America’s research-based pharmaceutical companies makes it through the research and development pipeline and is approved for patient use by the United States Food and Drug Administration.”

Development of innovative medicines for effective disease treatment requires that pharmaceutical companies have a keen understanding of the diseases impacting patients and a view into how doctors see these medicines work in their patient populations. Without advice from physicians and scientists in the field, pharma companies may target the “wrong” illnesses or miss or miss opportunities to tackle the most complex diseases.

Physicians become the “voice of the patient” during the drug discovery and development process. Patients around the globe have the partnership of physicians, scientists and pharmaceutical manufactures to thank for longer life expectancy and the eradication of deadly diseases.

The most beneficial physician/scientist/pharma collaborations exemplify the following key hallmarks:

· Common goals for identifying patient needs, gaps in available treatments and potential new therapies
· Open exchange of patient needs and treatment ideas
· Critical, unbiased view of available therapies and research results on new compounds
· Commitment to thorough scientific testing and continued open dialogue

Stay tuned for next week’s third installment, from Thought Leader Select’s Kristen Smithwick, detailing how physician key opinion leaders fuel the robust scientific engine behind drug discovery and development.

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