Thought Leader Select Assists Global Biopharma in Battle Against Gram Negative Bacteria

In a recent Thought Leader Select Blog article, we detailed an engagement with a leading global biopharmaceutical company in its efforts to develop treatments for a variety of infections ranging from hospital-acquired pneumonia to urinary tract infections.

As part of the strategic engagement with Thought Leader Select, the company has asked us to help them identify and understand the skills and experiences of a global roster of leading physicians in so-called “gram negative” bacteria, a rising threat in the global hospital community.  Gram negatives, according to the Centers for Disease Control, are bacteria with built-in abilities to resist multiple drugs and most available anti-biotics.

Thought Leader Select’s work will result in a global panel of more than 250 leading experts on a variety of infections, including hospital-based infections and gram negatives.  The panel will consist of key opinion leaders with demonstrated clinical and research interests in the field, as well as experience in areas such as basic and clinical research, publishing in scientific journals, the collaborative development of treatment guidelines, and speaking to colleagues on the subject matter.  In addition, our work will show the many ways that these KOLs work independently and as networked groups of professionals working together to solve the great medical challenges of our time.

In a recent Frontline episode, “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria,” experts discuss the growing threat of gram negative bacteria and how doctors, hospitals, and industry are collaborating to avert a potential public health disaster through the development of new, stronger medicines.

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