Thought Leader Select Begins All-in-One Research Assessment in Support of New Dermatology Medication

March 23, 2011 (CHAPEL HILL, NC)—Thought Leader Select, a research and consulting firm focused on healthcare and the biopharmaceutical industry, has initiated its most comprehensive package of research assessments in support of a new dermatology medication for a global pharmaceutical company.

The Research Triangle, NC-based firm packaged together a host of its competitive services for assessing the skills and experiences of the medical community. These company’s research and advisory services will provide a foundation for collaborations in support of a new treatment for pre-cancerous skin growths and other dermatological conditions. In one comprehensive project, Thought Leader Select will deliver assessments of more than 65 core physician thought leaders and emerging key opinion leaders in the allied health professions (including nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners),  and medical centers of excellence in dermatology.  In addition, Thought Leader Select will also assess and engage experts in market access and reimbursement. The firm will deliver its findings through its proprietary database, Thought Leader Index, and will also support medical, clinical, and brand teams with both technology and advisory services.

“We are very excited to be helping a new client in so many ways,” stated Neil Mellor, business development consultant at Thought Leader Select. “This is the most comprehensive project we’ve ever done at Thought Leader Select—it’s showing our ability to really customize to meet the client’s brand objectives over the next several years.  We are delivering some very exemplary work in KOL identification and profiling, centers of excellence profiling, payer KOL profiling, and, perhaps the most exciting element of this project, which is the recognition of groundbreaking work in dermatology by rising stars in the allied health professions.”

About Thought Leader Select

Thought Leader Select serves the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as the medical community at large by assessing medical experts (known as “thought leaders” and “key opinion leaders”) within a host of therapeutic areas such as diabetes, oncology, and neurology.

Over two dozen of the top 50 global biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies count on our expertise when seeking to launch new medications for better public health, ensuring that they are collaborating with the right medical professionals for the right reasons—their skills and experiences.

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Brian Castle
Director of Global Marketing and Client Relations

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