Thought Leader Select Begins Studies of Centers of Excellence, Certified Diabetes Educators for Global Pharmaceutical Company

Thought Leader Select, a North Carolina-based firm dedicated to delivering solutions for key opinion leader identification and deployment for the biopharmaceutical industry, announces the commencement of research on Canadian centers of excellence and the identification of certified diabetes educators for a top-10 global pharmaceutical company.

The client company’s Canadian subsidiary has hired Thought Leader Select to execute two of its industry-standard studies on centers of excellence in health care.  For the first contract, the firm will identify and profile 10 centers of excellence in women’s health to aid the company in its development of and launch of medicines to fill imminent women’s health needs.

In the second project, Thought Leader Select will identify and profile 10 centers of excellence in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.  In addition to providing in-depth profiles of the centers and their capabilities for research, clinical practice, and treatment of patients with Type 2 diabetes, the study will also identify and profile 30 non-traditional key opinion leaders, in the form of certified diabetes educators (CDEs).  The CDEs are crucial in the execution of the respective centers’ strategies to educate patients with diabetes on a number of treatment options and regimens.

Thought Leader Select will employ the same research methodology, known as deep profiling, that it utilizes in the identification of individual key opinion leaders to perform the work on the 20 centers of excellence and 30 CDEs. In addition to the research work, Thought Leader Select will provide ongoing research support and advisory services to the company to optimize key opinion leader engagement within the centers.

“We welcome opportunities, like these two projects, that showcase our ability to show our pharmaceutical company partners where the breakthrough work in patient education and treatment is happening,” said Paul Meade, President of Thought Leader Select.  “We look at universities, hospitals, research institutes, and specialized clinics, all of whom play important roles in promoting better public health.  We are proud to play a role in increasing the collaboration among these centers of excellence and our client companies in putting patients first.”

About Thought Leader Select

Thought Leader Select is a specialty firm focused on providing solutions—research, technology tools and focused advice/consulting—for more effective KOL engagement and deployment in the healthcare industry. Thought Leader Select’s groundbreaking work bridges the areas of research, communications and technology. With more than 70 years of combined experience working in and with the pharmaceutical industry, Thought Leader Select is addressing needs for better engagement and more sophisticated deployment of KOLs during drug development and the life cycle of the brand.

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