Thought Leader Select Completes Multi-specialty Key Opinion Leader Assessment in Aging

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Thought Leader Select announces the delivery of a multi-specialty key opinion leader assessment in aging. The firm, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was retained by a top 10 global pharmaceutical company to assess the skills and experiences of physicians specializing in the treatment of the following diseases and conditions that primarily affect the over-65 population:

• Chronic Pain

• Osteoarthritis

• Alzheimer’s Disease

• Parkinson’s Disease

The company will be collaborating with a host of medical experts to gain further development of a portfolio of new medicines in these areas.  Thought Leader Select has identified key opinion leaders in each of these areas in order to reach a roster of 100 U.S. key opinion leaders in diseases and conditions affecting the senior population.

“We are very pleased that this company has chosen to work with us on this fascinating project,” stated Neil Mellor, Thought Leader Select’s global business development consultant. “They chose us because they wanted to do two things—work with skilled physicians who have high quality, relevant experience in treating the aging population in the U.S., and they wanted to do that in the most compliant manner possible. Our validated, objective methodology, in-depth profiling, ensures that they will be working with the right physicians at the right times for the right reasons.”

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