Thought Leader Select delivers KOL identification research to five leading pharma companies in the U.S. and Canada

April 15, 2010 (CHAPEL HILL, NC)—Thought Leader Select, a North Carolina-based firm dedicated to delivering solutions for key opinion leader (KOL) management for the biopharmaceutical industry, has announced the delivery of KOL identification projects for five leading North American pharmaceutical companies during the first quarter of 2010.

Five of the world’s largest pharmaceutical concerns contracted with Thought Leader Select in late 2009 to take advantage of the firm’s industry-leading deep profiling methodology for researching the skills and experiences of physician key opinion leaders across multiple therapeutic areas and disease states.  Each company had specialized needs for initiation and redevelopment of their respective rosters of key opinion leaders to assist them in a variety of deployment needs.

Thought Leader Select assisted a Canadian firm with the identification of physician key opinion leaders who specialize in influenza vaccines. The company plans to build a firm roster of KOLs in advance of a new influenza vaccine product launch.

A U.S. firm contracted Thought Leader Select to identify nurse practitioners and physician assistants, also known as non-traditional KOLs, in the therapeutic areas of gastroenterology, hepatology, and HIV/AIDS treatment, in order to better understand patient needs in these areas and gain scientific and clinical insights for new compounds.

Thought Leader Select identified Canadian physician key opinion leaders for another Canadian company, with emphasis on KOLs who specialize in heart failure due to hypertension, as well as post-MI congestive heart failure.

A third Canadian firm contracted Thought Leader Select to assist them in building their initial roster of Canadian KOLs in the surgical areas of cardiology, ortho-spine, general surgery, and othopaedic.

Finally, a fourth Canadian firm received research and insight on Canadian physician KOLs who are experts in hemophilia.  The company used Thought Leader Select’s findings to broaden their understanding of their current network of key opinion leaders, as well as to identify new KOLs, especially those relatively new to the hemophilia field.

“I am proud that our research team has delivered key findings on these key opinion leaders for our North American pharma partners,” stated Kristen Smithwick, Thought Leader Select’s vice president for global sales, marketing, and strategic planning. “It’s thrilling to be a part of their collaborative work with key opinion leaders across a variety of deployment channels, therapeutic areas and disease states. We’re also proud that our work helps to bring so many new doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to the forefront of key opinion leadership in developing the next generation of crucial medicines.”

About Thought Leader Select

Thought Leader Select is a specialty firm focused on providing solutions—research, technology tools and focused advice/consulting—for more effective KOL engagement and deployment in the healthcare industry. Thought Leader Select’s groundbreaking work bridges the areas of research, communications and technology. With more than 70 years of combined experience working in and with the pharmaceutical industry, Thought Leader Select is addressing needs for better engagement and more sophisticated deployment of KOLs during drug development and the life cycle of the brand.

Media Contact:

Kristen Smithwick

Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing & Strategic Planning


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