Thought Leader Select Meets Client Needs for More KOLs, Non-Traditional KOLs, Centers of Excellence

By Brian Castle

A client working to develop new treatments for interstitial lung diseases (ILD) recently approached Thought Leader Select with a new challenge.  An innovative firm, the company realized that it was risking complacency in its thinking, assuming that it knew the right key opinion leaders and centers of excellence in pulmonology to assist in drug development.

Thought Leader Select delivered a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to ensure the company has a more updated understanding of the ILD market.  In addition to helping the company better understand its current roster of KOLs and centers of excellence, Thought Leader Select demonstrated the need to focus efforts at identifying and learning more about other health care professionals who diagnose and treat ILD.

Many product teams have the benefit of sound internal knowledge of globally and nationally-recognized specialist physicians performing breakthrough work in their treatment area.  More problematic for these teams are finding and understanding the work of other health care professionals who play pivotal roles in diagnosis and patient adherence, such as primary care physicians and registered nurses.  For this particular project, Thought Leader Select recognized an unmet need to understand key players in the diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases, pulmonary radiologists and community-based specialists at regional medical centers.

This client engagement is illustrative of several elements that help Thought Leader Select to differentiate its services to the benefit of clients:  customization, validation of a company’s existing knowledge base, helping companies to understand the merits of working with a wider array of KOLs and centers of excellence, and an unmatched ability to find the “non-traditional” KOLs as yet undetected by life sciences companies.  As a result of this engagement, the client moves forward in the development of new medicines that will enter the patient market with much greater potential to improve quality of life and long-term outcomes.

Working with a greater array of specialists, as well as the people and places that support their work, is better than the status quo.

 Brian Castle is Director of Global Marketing and Client Relations at Thought Leader Select.


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