Thought Leader Select Sponsors Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association Summer Meeting

Thought Leader Select sponsored last week’s summer meeting of a leading North American life sciences trade group, the Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association (CHLA).

The CHLA’s summer meeting took place June 4-6 at the Queen’s Landing Resort in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, bringing together dozens of leaders in marketing, reimbursement, and business development from leading global biopharmaceutical firms with Canadian offices.  Thought Leader Select’s global business development consultant Neil Mellor, a director of the organization, attended the meeting along with Paul Meade, founder and President of Thought Leader Select.

The CHLA is a special organization within the Canadian healthcare landscape, with a purpose of stimulating the building of relationships and the development of strategic alliances among companies and institutions engaged in the provision of healthcare products to the Canadian people.  The CHLA is led by an executive committee drawn from a diverse array of constituencies within the organization. The group meets at least three times each year, as guest speakers deliver presentations on topics of interest to the group, with an emphasis on providing opportunities that sharpen skills and facilitate networking on among business development professionals.

For the summer meeting, the CHLA explored the role of payers in the Canadian healthcare system, and their role in collaborating with industry to improve patient care and public health outcomes.  The theme for the CHLA summer meeting asked the central question, “Navigating the Rapids of Market Access:  What Can We Do Better to Make Sure Our Products Get to Patients Faster.” The three-day event featured a wide range of experts from the world of policy and reimbursement across all of the country’s key provinces.  Speakers and panelists represented every therapeutic area, offering CHLA members a balance of networking opportunities and presentations from leading market access professionals from Canadian academia.

Mellor, a past president of the CHLA, saluted the organization’s unwavering focus on putting patients first. “The Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association represents the best of Canada’s life sciences community,” he said.  “This organization is full of people spending their careers making a real difference in the lives of our people, bringing key medicines to market with the twin goals of improving the quality of care for individuals and impacting public health outcomes for generations to come.  My membership in the CHLA has had a profound effect on my own career, helping me stay focused on what is good for all involved—patients, providers, and industry—in our country’s fine healthcare system.”

“Thought Leader Select’s support of the CHLA is an opportunity for us to be a part of the organization’s positive impact on the healthcare of all Canadians,” stated Meade, a New Brunswick native.  “We have collaborated many times with CHLA members in their work to bring new medicines to markets with the help of the right key opinion leaders at the right stages of their respective product life cycles.  We appreciate the spirit and camaraderie of the CHLA, an organization that facilitates relationship-building and teamwork as foundational values in Canadian healthcare.”

For more information on the Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association, visit the organization’s website at



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