Thought Leader Select Sponsors Successful Global MSL Society Event in Paris

The MSL Society is celebrating the success of its second successful global event of the year, the Paris 2013 Conference.   Thought Leader Select, a founding sponsor of the MSL Society, also sponsored the Paris event.

Held at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, the action-packed conference brought together medical science liaisons and medical affairs professionals from nearly every corner of the globe and multiple life science industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics, and clinical research organizations.

The event opened in customary MSL Society fashion, with a networking reception for the conference participants to get to know each other in a comfortable setting on the evening of October 28.  During the following two days of intense content-sharing, participants heard a range of experienced speakers deliver critical information on a broad-ranging set of topics that impact the daily professional lives of MSLs and the departments and companies they serve.  Topics discussed included the Evolving Role of the MSL, Building a Medical Affairs Department, MSL Training, and Building an MSL Team Structure in a Therapeutic Area.

Speakers at the event included several leading lights in the global medical affairs community, including Elizabeth Kupferer of Sequenom (USA), Martin Obladen of Bayer Healthcare (Germany), Jennifer Williams of Bard Medical (USA), Ayse Olmez of Bayer Healthcare (Turkey), Elena Chukraeva of Janssen (Russia), Belinda Gist of Genzyme (USA), Yavuz Silay of Labiopharma (USA), Elly Grimaldi of GRS (USA), Maria Mabunay of Mundipharma (Singapore), and Gregory Fiore of the Medicines Company (USA).

For Williams, one of the featured speakers at the event, the timing is right for the MSL Society to serve its members and help them attain the maximum benefits the global medical affairs community has to offer.  “There is no better time to engage in the development and leadership of the MSL,” Williams stated.  “The MSL Society has successfully launched this type of needed engagement around the globe, and success is certain through peer review and meetings such as the professional meeting in Paris.”

Kupferer concurred with Williams’ assessment. “The conference in Paris provided an invaluable networking and collaboration experience, the kind of experience that genuinely fosters the expansion and maturation of the MSL role throughout the world,” Kupferer explained.  “Given the diverse experiential and professional backgrounds of MSLs, from health care provider to bench researcher, these types of events are integral to the advancement of the MSL profession.  Indeed, all attendees—from tenured MSLs and directors to those wishing to enter into the MSL role for the first time—can benefit from attending.”

Belinda Gist of Genzyme praised the MSL Society for an event that already surpasses similar conferences staged in the healthcare space with regard to the level of interactivity among speakers, panelists, sponsors, and attendees:  “The Paris MSL Society conference was fantastic.  It was the single-most interactive event I have attended.  I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange with my peers and their willingness to share stories, successes, and challenges. I see the MSL Society as a key driver in shaping the future of the MSL profession, and I am tremendously excited to be a part of it.”  

The MSL Society extends its gratitude to the following sponsors and media partners who powered the organization’s second conference with both financial and strategic resource commitments:  Thought Leader Select, Global Prairie, Barrington James, FiercePharma, Elsevier, PM360, and inScience Training,

According to MSL Society Chairman Samuel Dyer, the event reflected the best expression twin values of networking and education for the MSL community:  “The MSL Society’s Paris conference was a great success and a rare opportunity for attendees to engage with a diverse group of speakers representing MSL leadership from the U.S., Europe, Turkey, Russia and Asia.  It is very exciting to see the global MSL community come together to support the MSL Society while discussing important issues facing the MSL role such as MSL certification, on-board training, and MSL metrics. It was also a lot of fun to socialize with friends and establish new relationships during the evening networking events held overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.”

“We’d like to thank Samuel Dyer and the MSL Society team for another strong event,” stated Paul Meade, founder and President of Thought Leader Select.  “Our company has recognized the MSL Society’s value from the outset, as it provides a real foundation of networking and educational support for a profession that honors the collaborative spirit of companies in the life sciences and their colleagues in medicine, as they jointly pursue treatments that produce better outcomes and quality of life for patients worldwide.”


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