Thought Leader Select’s Murphy Named to MSLS Advisory Committee

The Medical Science Liaison Society, a non-profit focused on advancing the Medical Science Liaison career in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, has named Thought Leader Select’s Allison Murphy to its global advisory committee.

The MSL Society, led by Dr. Samuel Dyer from its Florida headquarters, is bringing the global MSL community together through a variety of educational and networking platforms, including webinars, white papers, conferences, and multiple social media outlets.  Dr. Dyer and the MSL Society team of advisors are collaborating with several premier industry partners, including First Word Reports and EyeforPharma.

Prior to joining Thought Leader Select as a global sales consultant in 2012, Murphy spent the previous decade of her career working as a Medical Science Liaison at Eli Lilly and Company in the therapeutic area of Endocrinology.  Murphy collaborated with multiple Key Opinion Leaders to drive Lilly’s medical initiatives in support of products aimed at treating conditions ranging from diabetes to growth disorders.

“I am very proud to be a part of the MSL Society’s global advisory committee,” stated Murphy.  “I know first-hand from my days at Lilly that there weren’t enough of the right resources and networking opportunities for MSLs and Medical Affairs executives, to help them advance their careers and the profession as a whole. I want to help build out the organization’s global membership, as there is great strength in numbers in this emerging role that’s so critical in healthcare.”

“We are honored to have someone of Allison’s professional experience, and passion for the MSL role to work on our global advisory committee,” stated Dyer. “2012 has been a great year for our organization, as we have recently launched our website and many of our social media and email communications platforms. In addition, we’ve secured partnerships that allow us to focus on our core work—education and networking—and our members are already seeing some great opportunities to gain access to resources like white papers, podcasts, and most importantly, conferences and webinars featuring top thought leaders across multiple healthcare industries.  Having people like Allison on the MSL Society team enables us to further advance the organization by utilizing the industry experience and expertise of professionals like herself to create further resources our members need.”

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