Tonight: Meade to Host Webinar on Maximizing MSL Performance/KOL Engagement

Given declining access to KOLs and the increasingly important role MSLs play in the success of companies, now more than ever before, it is imperative that the drivers of MSL and MSL Manager performance are collectively understood.

On March 4, 2015 from 9-10pm EST, Thought Leader Select will be sponsoring a complimentary webinar to confront this topic, quantitatively, and discuss the first-ever Global MSL and MSL Manager Performance Survey (commissioned by the MSL Society). Register here to attend this free webinar and gain insights into MSL & MSL Management Performance and hear early results of the survey.

The Webinar will be lead by distinguished panelists including:
• Paul Meade, M.Sc., MPH – President, Thought Leader Select, LLC
• Alex Condoleon, MBBS, MBA – Senior Medical Director, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
• Luisa Luciani, PhD – Medical Science Liaison, Genzyme Pharmaceuticals

Topics to be covered include:
• KOL Engagement

For MSLs:
• Which MSL competencies are most important to success in the eyes of MSL managers?
• How effectively are MSLs delivering against them?
• What should MSLs ask of their managers to boost individual performance and to get to the next level?

For MSL Managers:
• How engaged are MSLs today and what’s driving any disengagement?
• How effective are MSL managers at managing people in the eyes of MSLs?
• Which manager-led activities have the greatest impact on MSL engagement and development?

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