Webinar Wins Praise from Global Audience

With a total of 340 participants attending live from 53 countries around the world, the recent webinar hosted by Paul Meade on March 4 was a commended by attendees for providing valuable insight. Entitled “Maximizing MSL Performance and KOL Engagement,” the presentation was joint endeavor between Thought Leader Select and partner organization, the Medical Science Liaison Society.

Echoing sentiments similar to that of fellow attendees, Dr. Luisa Luciani – a Medical Science Liaison for Genzyme-Australia – commented following the webinar:

“With the MSL role evolving at a blistering pace—and with so many of us spread out across the globe—the MSL Society’s webinars are a great resource for staying abreast of key trends, sharing new ideas and reinforcing a sense of community amongst the profession.  In addition, by bringing hard data to such important topics as ‘Optimising KOL Interactions and Boosting MSL and Manager Performance,’ the Society and its partners are really helping to separate fact from fiction, and provide practical insights that can’t be found anywhere else.”

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